Kevin Bacon’s Still Got It! Check Out His “Footloose” Performance! (VIDEO)


Kevin Bacon performs "Footloose" routine

Kevin Bacon, 55, celebrated the anniversary of his awesome 1984 movie “Footloose” with an epic dance number when he appeared on the “Tonight Show” on Friday.

Jimmy Fallon informed the audience that dancing had been outlawed, before Bacon was shown to reenact his popular movie scene. Love it!

Fallon informed the audience that dancing has been outlawed on the show as the crowd gave that proclamation a thumbs down by booing.

Jimmy Fallon bans dancing

Kevin Bacon is shown sitting in his dressing room backstage and watching Fallon on TV, pretending to be outraged by the ban.

He stated, “Jump back. This is “The Tonight Show” there has to be dancing”.

Bacon reprised his role as teen Ren McCormack as he popped in the cassette tape of the soundtrack and recreated his memorable dance number from the popular film.

Bacon took a drag on a cigarette and swigged from a bottle before throwing it against the wall. He danced down the hallway and whipped off his sweatshirt to reveal his white tank top.

Kevin Bacon recreates Footloose

The 55-year-old actor, who currently stars in the show “The Following” pulled off impressive moves before appearing in a maroon jacket and bow tie. He stated, “Let’s Dance!”

The actor led the dancers as they gyrated onto the set, where Fallon ripped up the “no dancing” decree.

Kevin Bacon on Tonight Show

We were impressed. Kevin’s still got it!

Here’s Kevin Bacon’s original performance in 1984:


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