Justin Bieber Bratty, Arrogant, & Disrespectful In Videotaped Deposition (VIDEOS)


Justin Bieber acts like a brat in deposition

Justin Bieber’s recent taped deposition in Miami by a paparazzi that claims the singer’s bodyguards attacked him is truly disrespectful.

Bieber, 20, may think he is being cool but his arrogance is so annoying. Check out some of the most awful clips here!

The 20-year-old singer was called to Miami for a formal hearing on Thursday and Justin appears to have no respect for others.

Maybe Justin’s trying to copy rapper Lil Wayne in his deposition and be “too cool for school”, but it doesn’t go over very well.

TMZ got their grubby little hands on the videos and they are very unflattering.

He tells the photographer’s lawyer during the deposition, “I don’t have to listen to anything you have to say.”

Bieber is asked simple questions such as, “Do you remember being in Australia ever?” and he shrugs and replied, “I don’t know if I’ve been to Australia. Have I been to Australia?”

In one part, Justin is asked if he knows his bodyguard’s push paps. He gets cocky and replies, “I object”.

Justin gets upset when the attorney asks him about Selena Gomez, who he recently reunited with in Texas.

The lawyer asked, “Have you ever talked to Selena Gomez and discussed your feelings about paparazzi?”

The Selena topic is clearly one that gets to the singer and he repeatedly states, “Don’t ask me about her again”.

Bieber’s lawyers permit him to take a break at this point and he rips his microphone off before he and his lawyer storm out.

They later return to the deposition, but Bieber refuses to cooperate and asks, “What is this, 60 Minutes?” and “I don’t know Katie Couric, you tell me?”

Justin Bieber was then asked about his mentor Usher. The bodyguard’s attorney asks the singer, “Do you know an individual by the name of Usher?”

Justin replies sarcastically, “Yes, Usher, that sounds familiar”.

The singer is being sued by Jeffrey Binion, who claims one of the star’s bodyguards choked him and stole his camera equipment in June 2013.

Justin allegedly ordered his bodyguard to seize Jeffrey’s memory card after he tried to snap a candid picture of the teen heartthrob leaving a recording studio.

Binion is suing both the pop star and his bodyguard, saying he suffered bodily injury, pain and suffering, mental anguish and incurred medical expenses following the incident.

The bodyguard’s lawsuit is possibly bogus, but Justin’s smart-ass attitude is way out of line.

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