Julia Roberts Skipped Half-Sister Nancy Motes’ Memorial Service?


Julia Roberts' sister dies, calls actress a bitch

Julia Roberts reportedly didn’t attend her late half-sister’s memorial service on Saturday.

The 46-year-old star had a difficult relationship with Nancy Motes, who died from an apparent drug overdose last month. Insiders reveal Nancy blamed her famous sister in her suicide note.

“Glee” star Jane Lynch and other works from the show were in attendance. Motes worked as a production assistant on the Fox series.

Nancy reportedly resented Julia for her fame and success, and left a note before her death that basically claims Julia had driven her to suicide.

Nancy Motes & Julia Roberts pics

Nancy’s fiance John Dilbeck stated, “Nancy was proud of Julia but she had severe abandonment issues. She had a knee operation as a teen and piled on weight because she couldn’t exercise. While her sister was the ‘Pretty Woman’, Nancy was an overweight, insecure teenager. Nancy was a tortured soul. She grew up in the shadow of a superstar as a sister and Julia’s fame cast a cloud over her life. Nancy adored Julia but she became increasingly resentful of the way Julia behaved towards her. In Nancy’s mind Julia was a bully.”

Julia Roberts' half-sister Nancy Motes pics

Roberts was said to have urged her half-sister to go to rehab to deal with her issues and drug addiction. But Nancy backed out at the last minute before she was due to enter treatment.

A source close to Julia Roberts revealed, “Julia is taking the death very hard. It’s extremely difficult for her because it didn’t have to happen.”

Do you think Julia Roberts didn’t attend because she wasn’t welcome? It appears her half-sister’s fiance and his family have cast blame on the actress for rejecting her troubled sister.

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