Johnny Weir Claims He Was Abused By Husband (VIDEO)


Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov photos

Johnny Weir has opened up about his split from his husband, claiming during a television interview that he was abusing him.

Weird aired his dirty laundry, stating he was going through “personal hell” while he worked as a commentator for the Olympics.

The former figure skater said his husband not only was physically abusive but that he relied on him for money.

Weir, 29, said he was smiling and professional as a commentator in Sochi, but was struggling in his personal life.

Johnny filed for divorce on February 12, while he was in Sochi.

He said, “Sochi was one of the hardest times in my life. When I was on the broadcasting, I escaped my own personal hell that I was living in. My husband was behaving very erratically. The majority of the time off camera I was in tears. I was on the phone. I was fighting. I was not in a good place.”

Johnny Weir splits from husband of two years

Weir claims he was controlled emotionally by his husband, Victor Voronov, who made him ditch friends, professional contacts, and his own mom!

He added that their fights involved wrestling that spiraled out of control, which apparently includes the time Weir bit Voronov.

Weir appeared on “Access Hollywood”, stating, “Some of my closest friends have seen him hit me before.”

Johnny Weir-Voronov and Victor Weir-Voronov separated

He stated that Voronov took on the “traditional” as the wife, with Weir left to provide for the two of them.

He claimed, “He was not super accepting of the fact that I work and I have to work this week in Russia, this week in Los Angeles, next week in Tokyo. I was supporting two people and whether it seems like a big deal or not, I come from a lower middle class family that has to work, no matter what. If you can’t be an attorney this week, then you better go get a job next week, otherwise the bills won’t get paid. I had to travel to work to support myself and to support my family.”

Despite the rocky relationship, Voronov said on his Twitter account that he had not been aware that Weir had filed for divorce until the announcement this week.

Weir tweeted on Wednesday, “It is with great sadness that I announce that my husband and I are no longer together. My heart hurts and I wish him well.”

Johnny Weir twitter annoucement

Voronov tweeted, “Shocked by the abrupt ending of my marriage and am dealing with the trauma including multiple things I am just now becoming aware of…”.

On Thursday he added, “Yes. I’d like to confirm, It’s true: I am only now finding out that my husband @johnnygweir filed for divorce from me months ago.”

Voronov’s spokesperson, Wendy Feldman, stated, “It is our extreme hope and desire that this divorce could have been handled amicably. Not only is Victor heartbroken but he is now humiliated.”

Johnny Weir said he’s not worried about the scandal. He said, “The worst that he could do is post naked photos that we have between each other and I look flawless”.

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