James Franco & Seth Rogen Mock Kimye Vogue Cover Amid Backlash!


Seth Rogen & James Franco on Vogue

Vogue magazine and Anna Wintour were slammed after deciding to feature reality star Kim Kardashian and her rapper fiance Kanye West on the April issue.

Both subscribers to the publication and celebrities weighed in on the controversial cover. Why all the fuss?

People seemed so angry over a reality star covering Vogue, but it seems to be making a mountain out of a molehill. Who cares?

James Franco and his pal Seth Rogen had a little fun with the backlash, photoshopping their heads on Kim and Kanye’s body to make their own Vogue cover.

Franco took to Facebook to share his silly version, writing, “Seth! Love you, dog!”

Seth Rogen & James Franco on Vogue

Franco and Rogen, who met on the set of “Freaks and Geeks” 15 years ago, made headlines last year when they spoofed West’s music video of “Bound 2”.

The hilarious video entitled “Bound 3” shows Rogen as Kardashian as he goes topless while riding a motorcycle with Franco.

Seth Rogen & James Franco in Bound 3

Franco’s Instagram received over 48,000 likes in twenty minutes, but his wasn’t the only spoof of the Vogue cover.

Muppets fans enjoyed Miss Piggy as Kim Kardashian and Kermit, aka “Kermie” as Kanye West in their own cute version, called “Vague”.

Miss Piggy as Kim and Kermit as Kanye on Vogue

Muppets fans took to social media to voice their approval, with one Facebook user writing, “Better than that other couple!!!, with another user writing, “That’s the issue I would buy!”

Kimye’s cover definitely wasn’t well received, but Kim was clearly thrilled.

“This is such a dream come true!!! Thank you @VogueMagazine for this cover! O M GGGGGG!!! I can’t even…” Kardashian tweeted after the cover was unveiled. Her half-sister Kendall Jenner additionally commented, “Soooo major sister! this is gorgeous!!!”

Vogue subscribers lashed out at the publication as well as Anna Wintour, who felt she needed to defend the magazine’s decision.

Former “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar, was definitely unhappy.

Sarah Michelle Gellar pics

Geller tweeted that she was considering cancelling her subscription after seeing Kim and Kanye on the cover. She added, “Who is with me???”

The post prompted Kardashian’s BFF Jonathan Cheban to remark, “Do u matter?” Ouch!

Don’t you guys think the uproar is rather ridiculous. We understand longtime Vogue subscribers feeling it “cheapens” the magazine to have Kim on the cover. But in the big scheme of things, it seems so silly!

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Images: wenn.com/Vogue


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