Highlights Of Lena Dunham On “Saturday Night Live” (VIDEOS)


Lena Dunham's funniest skits on SNL

Lena Dunham of the HBO series “Girls” was the host of “Saturday Night Live”, joking about her nudity on the show.

Dunham starred in several hilarious skits including a “Scandal” parody and Lena as Eve. Liam Neeson and Jon Hamm also dropped by for cameos.

Lena strips down on her show “Girls” often, but jokes in her monologue about strangers approaching her to tell her about their sex lives.

Lena Dunham inappropriate sex questions

Adam and Eve

Lena plays Eve in the Garden of Eden (naked of course) and gives a modern take on the biblical story.

Lena Dunham as Eve

Scandal’s newest “gladiator”

Dunham plays the latest member of the team on a parody of the ABC series “Scandal”, where she is amazed by how quickly the show’s characters carry out their missions.

Obama featuring Liam Neeson

Obama goes Hollywood on Vladimir Putin!

Liam Neeson & "Obama" on SNL

What Are You Even Doing? with Jon Hamm

Silly teens interview hunks, which happens to include Jon Hamm of “Mad Men”.

Jewelry Party

A guy attends a jewelry party and his girlfriend finds out he isn’t the great guy she thought.

The Katt Williams Show

Katt interviews Lena Dunham as Liza Minelli.

Oooh Child Car Singalong

Lena and her friends are taking turns doing a little sing-a-long to “Oooh Child”, with the GPS apparently not wanting to hear Dunham sing.

Weekend Update with “Matthew McConaughey”

Taran Killam may not look much like actor Matthew McConaughey, but he did an awesome and hilarious impersonation of the Oscar-winning actor!

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