Giuliana Rancic Recalls Interview With “Mean” Russell Crowe (VIDEO)


Giuliana Rancic on "Watch What Happens Live"

As an E! co-host, Giuliana Rancic has sat down to interview some of the world’s biggest celebrities.

Giuliana revealed on “What What Happens Live” that Russell Crowe was her toughest interview because he was so rude.

Rancic admitted the 49-year-old “Noah” actor was definitely her worst experience.

The 39-year-old television personality appeared on Bravo channel’s “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen and spoke of her worst interview.

“There have been a lot of awkward ones,” Rancic, 39, recalled. “Oh I know… duh! Russell Crowe!” she exclaimed. [He] was so mean to me,” she recalled, as she quipped, ‘Oh hey Russell, what’s up?'”

Giuliana Rancic on Russell Crowe

She said, “Russell Crowe was so mean to me. I had been at E! for a year and I thought – ‘I’m going to go easy because he’s pretty tough.’ And so I said, ‘Are you excited to be here? Your big movie premiere,’ And he goes: “I’m contractually obligated to be here. What’s your next question?'”

Rancic adds, “And I go, ‘OK, um, isn’t it so wonderful to see all the fans?’ and he replied, “That’s your second question?” And then stated, “One, two, you’re through” and walked away.'”

Crowe has a reputation of having a temper, so Rancic’s story just solidifies the rumors.

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