Ellen DeGeneres Gives Hunky Pizza Delivery Guy A Great Tip! (VIDEO)


Ellen has pizza delivery guy on her show

Ellen DeGeneres had the fun idea of ordering pizza for the star-studded audience at the Academy Awards, bringing out a real pizza guy to make the delivery.

Edgar Martiroysan, the owner of Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria with his brother, got a shock when he was brought out on the stage at the Oscars. So cool!

Ellen knows how to be a great host, keep things as entertaining as possible and feed the crowd pizza.

The pizza delivery guy had no clue he was going to be walking out in front of a huge audience of celebrities as he handed out the yummy slices of pizza.

Ellen appeared onstage and announced “Guess what? Pizza’s here.”

A pizza deliveryman with a red cap and red apron appeared onstage holding several boxes of stacked pizzas.

DeGeneres told him, “I lied. We weren’t going backstage. I’ve never done this before, you help”.

Ellen has pizza delivery guy on her show

Edgar was invited on Ellen’s show today and told the host delivering pizza to all those movie stars was “crazy”. He said he was told he was going to deliver to some writers backstage, but when he got there he was told to wait.

He said, “Then you came out. And then I was on the stage! I was just shocked.”

Edgar admitted that meeting his crush Julia Roberts was “really crazy”, explaining, “She was my woman in dreams, I was always watching her movies back in Moscow, like Pretty Woman. So it was something crazy to me to give her pizza”.

Hollywood stars enjoying Oscar's pizza

Ellen later passed around a Pharrell Williams-like hat to gather tips for the pizza delivery from the stars.

Patrons of the pizza chain took to social media after recognizing the delivery guy and co-owner. Others took to Facebook to find out who the delivery man was, probably thinking he was a cutie!

Ellen gave the pizza delivery guy his $1000 tip from the likes of Brad Pitt and Harvey Weinstein during her post-Oscars show on Monday.

The talk show host said, “I ended up getting about $600”, before adding another few hundred. “And here’s a $1000.”

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Edgar proudly held up his big tip as the audience applauded.

The pizza parlor landed free publicity. Big Mama’s & Papa’s later thanked Ellen on Twitter.

Big Mama's & Papa's pizza thanks Ellen

The pizzeria tweeted that Edgar is a former driver who bought his franchise five years ago. The shop was busy on Sunday, so unsuspecting Edgar made the delivery to the Oscars.

Edgar of Big Mama's &  Papa's pizza

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