Drake Dumped Longtime Crush Rihanna? Nope!


Rihanna and Drake together in Dallas

There were rumors yesterday that Drake had kicked Rihanna to the curb to reunite with his bootycall Winta’nna.

We thought that was false, knowing how crazy had always seemed about Rihanna. It turns out it was total BS!

We were shocked when we heard reports that Drake had kicked Rihanna off of his European tour to get back together with his side-chick. Of course, it turned out to be a rumor. Yay!

Rihanna actually left Drake’s tour to work on her own music.

A friend close to RiRi, stated, “Drake is one of the nicest, most respectful and gentle men she’s ever met and no, hell to the naw, he didn’t say or do anything like that to her. She’s got biz to attend to and will be with him when she’s all done and that’s the truth.”

The source adds, “Unlike most b**ches, Rihanna has a million things to do, a million things to see, and millions of dollars to make. And she wishes the b**ch or b**ches who are saying Drake disrespected her would shut up.”

Drake recently introduced Rihanna as his girlfriend when he performed in London. This relationship is a long time coming, after Drake pursued her for many years.

Drake and Rihanna in exclusive relationship

Winta’nna’s Instagram did seem to suggest she had flown to join Drizzy’s tour. But maybe she just went to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day?

We are pulling for Rihanna and Drake to marry and have beautiful children together!

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