Doc Brown & Tony Hawk Tease Us With Hoverboard: Real Or Fake? (VIDEO)


Tony Hawk hoverboard video

Most of us were really excited when we saw a promotional campaign for a “real hoverboard” called the HUVr that was spotted online this morning, with clips featuring celebrity testimonials from Tony Hawk, Billy Zane, and “Back To The Future” star Christopher Lloyd.

But sadly our dreams have been crushed and this is apparently an elaborate hoax meant to promote something. That’s just cruel!

One video shows Christopher Lloyd delivering the HUVr to Tony Hawk, with demonstrations of the awesome hoverboard.

Christopher Lloyd delivers hoverboard

HUVr Corp claims to have the key to “antigravity” and “materials science and magnetism experts”.

The hoverboard video clip claims to show off a real-life version of “Back To The Future II” hoverboard.

Tony Hawk on hoverboard

We’re so sad it’s fake, but it’s still an awesome thought!

HUVr also released a video featuring actor Billy Zane explaining the technology behind the fake hoverboard.

Why in the world would all these celebrities tease us this way? We’re wondering if it’s a PR stunt for a possible “Back To The Future 4” movie? We’re not certain of the reasons behind the hoverboard hoax, but it definitely got everyone’s attention!

Trolled by celebrities on hoverboard

A woman named Lauren Biedenharn had posted on her resume that she’d worked on the “Funny or Die” hoverboard commercial. It was recently deleted.

Here’s a video still from the hoverboard clip that appears to show the shadow of a safety harness on the white building.

Safety harness shadow on white building

We all really wanted to believe these hoverboards had become a reality. Maybe one day…

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