Chris Brown Arrested After Being Kicked Out Of Rehab: What Happened?


Chris Brown gets violent on weed?

Chris Brown was reportedly arrested on Friday after being booted from the rehab facility for violating “internal rules”.

Brown was arrested on Friday afternoon by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies on a warrant.

The 24-year-old was asked to leave the facility, but the reason why remains a mystery.

A source said it didn’t involve violence or drugs. There are rumors Chris Brown had an “inappropriate relationship” with a female employed at the center in early March. We have no idea if that is what caused the center to give him the boot.

Chris completed a 90 stay at the facility, but a judge ordered he stay for longer until an assault case against the singer was concluded in Washington D.C.

The singer was taken to the inmate reception center in downtown Los Angeles, where he was being booked into jail, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Parker confirmed.

In October, Brown was accused of assaulting Parker Adams, who is suing the rapper and one of his bodyguards for $3m, which violated his probation, stemming from a violent assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

Brown voluntarily checked himself into rehab in Malibu, California in October but was kicked out after throwing a rock through his mother Joyce’s car window.

He was then ordered to seek anger management at a different facility instead of being sentenced to jail. The judge instructed that if the rapper were to leave rehab for any reason that he would be incarcerated.

Brown was “cooperative” when deputies arrested him in Malibu about 2 p.m. Friday, according to a statement released by the sheriff’s department.

Two sheriff’s officials who had been briefed on the arrest said the judge asked the rehab facility to notify authorities if Brown showed up.

The facility called authorities Friday when Brown arrived and advised them the singer was to be arrested. After confirming the warrant with the Probation Department, sheriff’s deputies arrested the singer.

Chris Brown is reportedly being held without bail at the Inmate Reception Center of the Los Angeles County jail in downtown Los Angeles.

The warrant was issued related to assault with a deadly weapon and criminal threats crimes which occurred on February 7, 2009, in the City of Los Angeles. The incidents were investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department and prosecuted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. The warrant was issued for a probation violation related to his conviction.

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