Charlie Sheen Hits Back At John Mayer Over Fake Rolex Watches


John Mayer suing over fake rolex watches

Charlie Sheen isn’t someone you want to have angry at you, but it appears John Mayer has his tiger’s blood boiling.

Sheen is pissed that Mayer filed a lawsuit against his watch dealer friend, claiming that some of the Rolex watches were fakes.

Mayer is suing watch dealer Robert Maron, over some alleged fake Rolexes that the singer had purchased for past girlfriends. Insiders reveal Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston both received a fake.

The “Anger Management” star accused the singer of knowing some of the watches were fakes, but making money off of other watches he purchased.

Mayer had purchased $5 million worth of watches from Maron beginning in 2007.

Charlie feels John should reveal that he re-sold many of the watches and made a profit.

After news broke of the lawsuit broke, Sheen said, “WAIT!! Mayer spent $5 M with Maron and is crying about $600 K? Ask him how he did on the $4.4m…! Sorry that 7 of your 100 watches aren’t to your liking! boohoo! (sic)”

An insider said that Mayer posted on a Rolex message board back in 2007 that he was specifically looking for Rolexes with counterfeit parts. Maron’s lawyer claims that is proof Mayer is lying.

Charlie said, “Maron wrote the book – period the end. Nothing but respect for Bob — his integrity is beyond reproach! This calamity of buyer’s remorse 7 years after the fact is clearly a reflection on John Mayer’s character and not on Bob Maron’s.”

Maron is known as a watch dealer to the stars.

In 2010, Mayer discovered one of his expensive watches was not authentic after he sent it to be repaired. Mayer returned the watch and was given credit to buy another.

John Mayer is wanting a refund of $656,000 on seven other watches he purchased that were fakes.

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