Celebrities That Look Much Younger Than Their Years!


These celebs look way younger

There are some celebrities that shocked us when we learned their age…in a good way!

Healthy living and keeping active goes a long way to keep you looking younger. Several of these Hollywood stars also have have a youthful attitude. Let’s check out their surprising ages!

Seth Green is 40

The “Without a Paddle” and “Austin Powers” star definitely looks younger than 40. And not just because he’s short!

Seth Green photos

Jim Parsons is 40

Jim Parsons appears to be in his late 20’s and we were shocked to learn he is 40. Parsons is known for his award-winning role as Dr. Sheldon Cooper on the CBS sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”.

Jim Parsons is how old?

James Lipton is 87

We can’t believe the host of the Bravo television series “Inside the Actors Studio” is really 87. Wow! Maybe his pimp days in France kept him young!

James Lipton looks way younger

Chuck Norris is 73

The butt-kicking “Walker, Texas Ranger” star is in great shape at 73. Of course, Chuck Norris doesn’t age, he just gets more and more lethal.

Chuck Norris news

Gwen Stefani is 44

Gwen Stefani, the singer of No Doubt, has an amazing body and the mom of three boys looks better than ever.

Gwen Stefani looks hot at 44

Jared Leto is 42

The 30 Seconds to Mars singer and Oscar-winning actor is 42. Unbelievable!

Jared Leto can't be 42

Johnny Depp is 50

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star seems to never age. He looks as if he is in his late 30’s instead of being 50! He is engaged to the stunning 27-year-old actress and model Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp photos

Daniel Tosh is 38

The hilarious Daniel Tosh looks like a lanky teenager and it’s crazy that he is 38. He hosts the funny Comedy Central television show Tosh.0.

Daniel Tosh is 38? No way!

Dylan McDermott is 52

“The Practice” and “American Horror Story” actor shocked us when we discovered he is 52. We seriously thought he was in his 30s.

Dylan McDermott is 52?

William Shatner is 82

We were blown away when we learned William Shatner is 82. The actor, most known for his portrayal of Captain Kirk on “Star Trek” looks at least 20 years younger than his years.

William Shatner looks younger than his age


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