Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Brother/Husband Nick Gordon Issuing Veiled Threats?


Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi Kristina Brown appeared to be on the mend when she married her “adopted” brother Nick Gordon. We were glad she found someone, but it appears he’s a bad-boy.

Nick Gordon took to Twitter, apparently threatening some of her family members. He’s talking trash and posting photos of guns. What’s up?

Bobbi, 21, tied the knot with the guy she grew up as an adopted brother. She insisted she was “finally happy”.

It appears a nasty family feud has developed and Nick appears to be making threats online against Whitney’s nephew Gary Michael Houston and his mother Pat!

In December, Gary got upset at Nick for negative comments he made about the family, resulting in the guys having to be pulled apart at a Houston family bash.

Nick Gordon seems to be taunting Gary and Pat, tweeting on March 16, “Pat b***h Gary M I’m Freddy to y’all n****az. F*** you suck my d***.”

Nick Gordon's threatening Tweets

In one tweet, he posted a photo of a gun, writing, “That’s that AR-10 custom. Lol y’all p***y a** don’t even now what that is.”

Nick Gordon threatening Gary Houston?

In other March 16 Twitter postings, Gordon showed off a case with three handguns.

The veiled threats would be enough to make us uncomfortable. It’s not the sort of thing he should be tweeting for the sake of the family. You can read them all for yourself (NSFW) here.

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