Valentine’s Baby For Simon Cowell!


Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman arrive at Sur restaurant

Simon Cowell will be absent at the “Britain’s Got Talent” auditions in London today because his first child was born!

The music mogul, who is expecting his first child with Lauren Silverman, hopped a plane to New York after Lauren went into labor.


Simon welcomed his son named Eric at 5:45 p.m. in New York City and weighed in at 6 lbs., 7 oz.

Cowell tweeted the exciting news, writing, “Very happy to say Eric was born … Healthy and handsome. Lauren in great shape. Thanks for all of your kind messages. Named after my dad.”

A source said, “Lauren is doing great. Her parents are there, along with Simon of course. They are so excited. Everyone is thrilled. They couldn’t be happier. The baby is gorgeous.”

We’re glad Simon didn’t name his baby Simon too!

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Lauren, 37, checked into Lenox Hill Hospital two weeks before her due date after going into labor.

Simon, 54, is on his way for his first child’s arrival.

An insider said, “Simon’s in the air, we got him on the first plane out of London to New York this morning.”

Another source confirms, “Yes, baby Cowell is on the way.”

Lauren wanted to give birth in Manhattan, where her mother could help out and so she could be near her eldest son Adam.

Lauren was due to give birth on February 28 in one of Manhattan’s most exclusive hospitals, where Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy.

Couples splash out $1,700-a-night for private full-service rooms where there is one nurse to every mother and baby.

Earlier this week Cowell stated, “I am keeping my phone on during auditions 100 per cent. If it happens I have to go and dash on a plane. I probably will be nervous when it all happens. I am going to watch (movie) Father of the Bride tonight to get used to that. I have got a feeling my child is going to be really naughty.”

Cowell is a bit squeamish about some parts of being a father. He said earlier this week, “I haven’t changed a nappy before and I won’t. I just can’t do it. I’d like to be at the birth but a little but far away.”

Simon and Lauren have pretty much decided on calling their son Simon Cowell Junior. But an insider said, “They’re 50/50 right now, so we have to wait and see.”

Most people thought Cowell was joking when he said that Simon was his favorite name for the baby, but a friend confirms, “Simon and Lauren have decided that their favorite name for the baby is actually Simon. For a while it was between Simon and Eric- Simon’s dad’s name, but now it looks like Eric will be the middle name.”

News of Lauren’s pregnancy in July made headlines because the New York socialite was still married to ex-husband Andrew Silverman, a friend of Simon Cowell.

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