Two Adorable 100 Year-Old Friends On Pop Culture (VIDEOS)


100 year-old besties on pop culture

Two 100-year-old best friends, Alice Jensen and Irene Cook, took on a pop culture quiz on a recent episode of the “Steve Harvey Show”.

The precious ladies, who met at the age of five, gave their thoughts on selfies, twerking, and Justin Bieber. So cute!

Alice and Irene were asked what they thought of Justin Bieber, with Cook replying, “Oh that kid, the singer? Justin Beaver the singer . . . I think he’s in movies [too] isn’t he? He’s not doing something right from what I’ve heard. I don’t remember. Am I right?”

She was partly right and he’s definitely not doing things right lately!

Jensen was ready to move on to the next question.

The cute ladies were asked about the baby name North West, which reality star Kim Kardashian and Kanye West gave their adorable daughter.

Cook said, “North, whose name is that? N-O-R-T-H? You’re kidding [me]!”

The women smiled broadly when asked if they knew what “BFF” stands for.

The duo first appeared on The Steve Harvey Show to offer tips on lifelong happiness and friendship.

Jensen and Cook were born in 1913 and celebrated being a century-old last year. They met when they were first grade students at St. Gregory’s Catholic School in Chicago and remained best buds.

The women went on to marry and have children and were widowed many years ago.

They still talk on the phone and see one another in person for special occasions several times a year.

They are so cute. These little old ladies need their own show!


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