Sheriffs Investigators Want Felony Vandalism Charge For Justin Bieber!


Justin Bieber turns himself in to police in Canada

Sheriff’s investigators on Thursday asked prosecutors to charge Justin Bieber with felony vandalism in the alleged egging of a neighbor’s home.

Detectives reportedly presented their findings to a prosecutor, who will decide if the vandalism charge is a misdemeanor or a more serious felony charge.

Los Angeles County District Attorney spokesman, Ricardo Santiago, said that “No decision will be made this week”.

Detectives working for the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department have reviewed the evidence and interviewed witnesses and those involved in the incident that took place in January and have given the information to the D.A..

Spokesman Lt. Dave Thompson stated, “I went to the D.A.’s Office today with the paperwork, and I want a felony. Of course I want a felony.”

Bieber’s egg attack caused $20,000 in damage to his neighbor’s home. The damage is costly because the neighbor’s home was Venetian plaster.

The singer already has three upcoming court dates lined up. Bieber will face a judge on February 14 for the arraignment for his DUI arrest in Florida. His court date for that incident is March 3.

Justin Bieber is also in legal trouble in his native Canada, where he was charged in connection to an alleged assault on a limousine driver in Toronto last year in December. Bieber is scheduled to attend court there on March 10.

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