Sean Combs AKA Diddy Engaged To Cassie Ventura?


Cassie and Diddy engaged!

Rapper Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, posted a photo over the weekend of a massive ring on Instagram asking if Cassie liked it.

Cassie was then seen in a new photo with Diddy, wearing a massive rock. Are they engaged?

Combs posted a photo of a massive diamond ring his Instagram account Saturday. The caption read, “Baby do you like it? I just want to get you wat you Like! I just wanna Mk you smile 🙂 #takeDat. !” [sic]

Diddy posts ring photo on Instagram

Cassie replied to his post, apparently loving the ring.

Cassie responds to ring photo

On Monday, the rapper’s rep denied he is engaged. But what about the photo of Cassie and Diddy where she’s wearing what appears to be the same huge rock?

Cassie and Diddy engaged!

Cassie’s pal Keyshia Cole also posted a photo, where Cassie is seen with a massive rock this weekend.

Cassie shown in Keyshia Cole's photo with ring!

Cassie and Diddy have been dating off-and-on since 2007.

The couple actually met in 2002 after he heard her song “Me & U” and they recorded the song “Must Be Love” in 2009.

In October, Cassie Ventura said Didd had motivated her. She told VibeVixen, “Just being around him is a completely inspiring experience.  Starting my own empire would be great. I’m trying to figure that out.  I’m still working with Cassie Enterprises right now but I think that would be something I would love to do.’

She said of her relationship, “The key to maintaining any relationship—be it a romantic relationship or a friendship—is honesty and communication.  I travel so much, host parties and I just signed a new deal with Skam Artist, who predominantly DJs in the same bookings that they do at different parties. It’s New York, Chicago, Vegas so I’m constantly going.”

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