Miley Cyrus Smooches Katy Perry…Tried To Slip Tongue But Denied! (VIDEO)


Miley Cyrus seems shocked after Katy Perry kiss

We all know that Katy Perry “kissed a girl, and she liked it”. But it appeared Miley Cyrus was hoping for a full-on makeout session with Katy, but was dissed.

Katy and many other celebrities stepped out for Miley’s Los Angeles Bangerz show on Saturday night.

Miley was dressed in a sparkling black and gold outfit as she spotted Katy Perry sitting in the front row.

She approached the area while singing “Adore” and motioned for Katy to come closer. Katy stepped up for a peck on the lips, but pulled back when Miley went for some tongue action.

Katy was shown wiping her mouth as Miley looked shocked she was turned down.

Miley referenced Katy’s popular song, telling the crowd, “I kissed a girl and I really, really liked it”.

The smooch happened in front of tons of fans and celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera.

Katy Perry later posted a photo Miley’s funny reaction Twitter account.

Miley Cyrus seems shocked after Katy Perry kiss

Singer Christina Aguilera, who is said to be pregnant with her second child, gave her support to fellow “dirrty girl” Miley, who was wearing chaps similar to what Xtina used to wear on stage.

Aguilera posted a photo, writing, “Cheers from one dirrty girl to the next, Miley Cyrus… wear ’em loud & proud girl – yes!!”

Christina Aguilera Miley Cyrus show

Miley has continued making headlines with her naughty Bangerz tour, with her shameless on-stage antics. We have a feeling that’s what is expected these days.

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