Miley Cyrus Invited To Prom By Nude Teen (VIDEO)


Miley Cyrus invited to prom by naked guy

Miley Cyrus received a very interesting prom invitation by Arizona high school student, Matt Peterson.

Peterson made a funny video where he is shown nude with his modesty covered with a foam finger, asking the singer to attend his Arcadia High School prom.

Miley responded to Matt, tweeting, “Dear Matt Peterson, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to prom. BUT why don’t you come to my AZ show & hang w me? Don’t forget a corsage!”

Miley invites Matt Peterson to AZ show

Miley wasn’t just brushing off the 17-year-old because she had already scheduled her Bangerz Tour to Amsterdam on May 2.

Matt’s YouTube invite to Cyrus went viral and he has been making the media rounds. He said, “I have been a fan of yours from the beginning. You’ve changed my life, and I want to repay you by giving you the best night of your life”.

Petersen’s video shows off his swimmer’s build with only a foam finger to cover his modesty. He said to Miley, “If you aren’t the slow dancing type, no worries. I got to public school and grinding is allowed!”

The Adore You singer’s Bangerz Tour officially kicks off on Valentine’s Day in Vancouver with opening act Icona Pop.

Peterson tweeted that now he needed to find a “tongue tuxedo” for her concert in February in Phoenix. Miley responded, tweeting, “PuHlEaSe!”

Matt Peterson prom video

That’s cool of Miley to offer to hang with him after his cute prom invitation!

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