Lupita Nyong’o Jokes About Miley Cyrus Breaking Her & Jared Leto Up (VIDEO)


Lupita Nyong'o on Ellen show

Breakout star Lupita Nyong’o seems really down-to-earth and sweet, making light of the gossip making headlines recently.

Lupita had been rumored to be dating Jared Leto, but joked about the tabloid reports during her Ellen DeGeneres interview on Friday.

Lupita has been making headlines after her role in “12 Years A Slave”, which led to an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Her popularity has grown, but so has the gossip about her personal life.

Lupita Nyong'o on Ellen show video

The 30-year-old actress addressed reports that she’s dating fellow nominee Jared Leto in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

Ellen said to the actress, “But now, so you’re actually in tabloids which means you’ve really made it. Because there’s rumors that you and Jared Leto are together.”

The Kenyan joked, “Ah, but I thought Miley Cyrus broke us up. That was the last thing I heard.”

The dating rumors started after Page Six reported that Jared Leto had been dating Lupita. A source said Leto and Nyong’o were spotted getting very cozy at a corner table at Manhattan’s Crosby Street Hotel.

Lupita Nyong'o laughs off gossip

Shortly after they were romantically linked, then there were reports Miley Cyrus was hooking up with the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman.

Lupita is trying to get used to the gossip, but joked that sometimes she wonders if the rumors are actually true.

The actress said, “But you know it’s crazy ’cause when I read these rumors they’re so detailed that even I start to question whether they’re true or not. Ya and I know I’ve believed them in the past and now I guess I can’t believe anything.”

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