LL Cool J Says What We’re All Thinking To Kanye West: “Stop Complaining”


Kanye West will not be amused

LL Cool J made an appearance on Monday night’s “Arsenio” show, discussing some of the hottest rappers these days.

The rapper gave some love to Kanye West before admitting he’s grown tired of Kanye’s rants. We’re sure everyone agree!

Arsenio asked LL what he thinks about the new rap artists today, with LL Cool J rattling off Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, and Kanye West.

He then adds of Kanye, “when he’s not complaining.”

He said, “I love you man [Kanye] , but you gotta stop complaining”.

LL then joked about pissing West off by his remarks, saying, “He’s gonna tear me up — Don’t hit me”.

Arsenio appeared to agree, saying, “right, right, right”.

Arsenio Hall then cracked a joke about that time Kanye ran head-on into a street sign and then LL Cool J realized that it’s all fun and games until you become the target of Kanye’s next rant.

Kanye West has a bad temper and doesn’t like to be made fun of by “SNL” or “dissed” by anyone at all.

We’re wondering if LL Cool J will be the target of an upcoming rant at Kanye’s next show!

The “Going Back to Cali” rapper also did a rendition of his hit song “I Need Love” during his appearance. Gotta love LL!

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