Katy Perry Now A Doula? Singer Helps Deliver Baby!


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Katy Perry may have just gone through a break-up with John Mayer, but the singer was very excited over helping someone deliver her baby.

The singer took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce that she’d helped deliver a baby, with fans guessing it may have been her older sister’s baby.

Katy tweeted fans, “”Finally you can add ‘helps delivers babies in living rooms’ to my resume! It’s been a miracle of a day… Auntie Katy aka Stylist Auntie”.

That’s pretty exciting and we guess she can be a doula if her music career ever fails!

There’s no word on the person the singer helped deliver, but fans believe it was Katy’s older sister, Angela Hudson, who was expecting last year. The “Auntie Katy” would make more sense too!

Perry recently split from her singer boyfriend John Mayer.

A source confirmed the split, saying, “Not sure how long it will last this time but yes, it is off for now. She’s stressed about the tour, they’ve been fighting. It is probably for the best, because she is going to be on tour for forever. Of course this happens all the time, I can’t keep track anymore. But for now they are done”.

A more recent report suggested the couple’s decision to separate was “mutual” and “extremely amicable.”

A source close to the couple said Katy got cold feet after her failed marriage to Russell Brand. The insider said, “But the one thing that happened was that John was interested in marrying Katy and wanted to propose, but she didn’t want to take that plunge yet.”

Who can blame her? Divorce is no fun so it’s best to make certain about the person before tying the knot!

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