Kanye West Rants About SNL Spoofs & “Racist Media” Wants Respect (VIDEO)


Kanye West always looks mad

Kanye West went off on another tangent at his New Jersey show on Saturday, blasting the “racist media” for not respecting his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

The rapper singled out “Saturday Night Live” and Lorne Michaels specifically for spoofing him. Don’t have a sense of humor Kanye?

Kanye said, “I don’t care who you are — TMZ, E!, Barbara Walters — don’t play yourself. Respect it as such”, apparently referencing his engagement to Kim?

West went on to say his life isn’t a “spoof”, stating, “Lorne Michaels” needed to “respect it”.

Apparently Kanye doesn’t see the humor in SNL’s parodies of his relationship with the reality star, such as “Waking Up with Kim and Kanye”.

Kanye blasted the media and writers that “try to make me look like an animal or a maniac”, saying they “do so because they are afraid of inter-racial relationship”.

He also claimed the media is “‘afraid of the future and ‘afraid of a rapper who was raised by two educated parents”.

Here’s Kanye’s rant in New Jersey (NSFW offensive language):

The “New Slaves” rapper also told the crowd in his rant that the media is always trying to put musicians “against each other.”

West said, “That ain’t gonna go down no more. We love Drake, we love every motherfu**er that put their heart into this motherfu**ing music.”

Kanye West was obviously talking about Drake’s recent interview with Rolling Stone, who he said made up quotes about West.

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