Justin Bieber’s Rumored Hook-Up Katherine Gazda Denies Rumors!


Singer Katherine Gazda pics

Justin Bieber was said to be in a “serious” relationship with singer Katherine Gazda, with sources even claiming they were ready to settle down and have children. Say what?

The 17-year-old singer addressed the crazy rumors on Twitter, saying it’s all lies.

The Baby singer was said to have been dating singer Katherine Gazda after being introduced by mutual friend rapper Blake Kelly.

In fact, sources said they wanted to settle down and have kids.

The insider stated, “Their relationship has been very up and down because she can’t stand the way he has been behaving recently. She is desperately trying to help him through all the scandal and regain his clean-cut image. She is begging him to settle down but she’s tired of being played off against another girl.”

Justin had split from Selena Gomez and had been spending time with model Chantel Jeffries, who also joined him in Panama.

Katherine Gazda was said to have deleted pictures she took of Justin Bieber asleep with the captions, “You’re my angel who forgot to fly” and “Some things last forever”.

Katherine Gazda posted pics of Justin sleeping?

Gazda took to Twitter to address all the crazy reports about her alleged romance with Bieber.

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