Justin Bieber’s Dad Jeremy Bieber Has A Rap Sheet: Chip Off The Old Block?


Justin Bieber thanks his dad Jeremy Bieber

Justin Bieber has been on a downward spiral and has gotten himself into lots of trouble lately.

Justin’s dad Jeremy always seems to be on hand when the singer is behaving badly, possibly a bad influence with his own arrest record.

Jeremy Bieber was with Justin when the 19-year-old was arrested in Miami for allegedly drag racing last month with Xanax and marijuana reportedly in his system.

His  38-year-old father was also on a private jet with Justin on the flight when the singer and his entourage were abusing a flight attendant and refusing to stop smoking marijuana. In fact, the pilots were forced to wear oxygen masks in order to fly safely.

Now, Jeremy Bieber’s own troubled past has come to light with newly surfaced reports of assault charges and jail time.

Jeremy was arrested for assault multiple times and sentenced to jail on more than one occasion.

Justin Bieber and his father Jeremy pics

Canadian court documents show that Jeremy was arrested in 1997 for “assault causing bodily harm” and sentenced to 90 days in jail, two years probation, and a 10-year ban on firearms.

Jeremy was sentenced to another two years of probation and 21 days in jail in 1999, just before his probation was up for failure to comply with it.

Another charge for failing to comply with his probation at the same time led to him being sentenced to 30 further days in jail.

The documents also show that Jeremy was arrested again for “assault causing bodily harm” in 2002, but the case was dismissed in 2004.

It appears maybe Justin’s dad isn’t such a great influence on his son, who has been in lots of trouble the past two months.  Justin currently has two criminal cases pending in Florida and in his native Canada.

Last week he turned himself into Toronto authorities after being charged with assault on a limo driver.  The incident occurred when Justin asked for the music to be turned up.  The driver obliged, but not as much as Bieber was wanting. The pop star stuck his hand through the partition to do it himself and was swatted away by the driver.

The driver was struck on the head several times, allegedly by Justin Bieber.

There are reports Justin’s father bailed on him and his mother Pattie Mallette when the singer was just a baby.  He later came into his  life and has reportedly been enjoying living off of the singer.

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