Justin Bieber’s Bad-Boy Dad Splits From Baby-Mama To Party It Up!


Jeremy Bieber leaves partner to party

Justin Bieber’s father Jeremy Bieber has split from the mother of his two young children, Erin Wagner, in order to enjoy a life of partying with his famous son.

Jeremy, 39, has been a pretty constant in Justin’s life recently, just as the singer is getting into all kinds of trouble. A coincidence? We think not!

Jeremy Bieber reportedly ended his seven-year relationship with Erin Wagner and the pair are living apart, sharing custody of Jaxon, 4, and Jazmyn, 5.

It is unclear exactly when they couple split, but friends have said their relationship has been on the rocks for quite some time.

Insiders say Erin, who adores Justin Bieber, is tired of Jeremy constantly leaving and partying it up like a teenager.

Justin Bieber and Erin Wagner pics

The situation seemed to really snowball in the days leading up to Justin’s arrest in Miami.

Erin took to Twitter writing, “I don’t need a perfect one.. I just need someone who can make me feel like I’m the only one”.

A week later Justin, 19, was arrested in Miami Beach, Florida, on suspicion of driving under the influence, driving with an expired license and resisting arrest without violence. Jeremy was with his son during the DUI arrest.

The day after Justin was released from custody on a $2,500 bond, the father and son duo were pictured out partying.

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree?


Jeremy was also with Justin on January 31, when the singer was refusing to stop smoking marijuana on a private plane and was verbally abusive to a flight attendant.

Erin hinted at a major life change on Twitter, writing, “Ready for the next chapter…..wonder what it’s about….#unknown”.

Erin Wagner tweets about split

Jeremy split from Justin’s mother, Pattie Mallette, just 10 months after she had given birth Justin. In her autobiography “The Only Way Is Up”, she said they were engaged but called off the wedding after Jeremy cheat on her.

Pattie also claims Jeremy was in the county jail for fighting the day Justin was born.

A source revealed, “Jeremy has always been a bad boy. When he first got together with Pattie he was a big drinker and loved to party. He has always adored his son, but he wasn’t mature enough to be a responsible parent and his lifestyle meant he couldn’t be there for him like a father should be. He got in trouble with the police and would often leave town, sometimes for months at a time. And if the truth be told his attitude towards partying and living the high-life has never changed”.

The source adds, “Justin hitting the big time in the way he has is an absolute dream come true for Jeremy and the temptation of being able to travel the globe, living like a superstar was too much to turn down. Erin was always going to take second place to that. They are still on good terms for the sake of the children and she still has a great friendship with Justin, but their relationship has broken down. Jeremy has the opportunity to party with beautiful girls in every city in the world. He was never going to let anything get in the way of that.”

Jeremy seems to be more of a party buddy than a father to Justin Bieber. He seems to be a bad influence.

Jeremy has reportedly bragged about receiving a huge $50,000 allowance from his superstar son.

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