Justin Bieber Enjoying A Little Breastfeeding…From A Stripper!


Justin Bieber a wild child now

Justin Bieber has had a rough few weeks, most of it caused by his naughty behavior and bad decisions.

But the latest headline for The Biebs is a newly-released photo of the singer and rapper Khalil making a snack of some stripper’s ta-tas. Awwww!

Justin has been in the news lots lately, starting with being accused of egging a neighbor’s home in January. His house was raided by sheriffs which resulted in the arrest of his friend Lil Za who has been slapped with three felony charges.

In late January, Bieber was arrested in Miami, Florida for a DUI, resisting arrest and having an expired driver’s license. Justin pleaded not guilty and was found to have Xanax and marijuana in his system.

He jetted off to Panama for a little break before heading to Toronto, Canada, where he turned himself in for allegedly assaulting a limousine driver in December.

Justin and his entourage, including his father Jeremy Bieber, then jetted off to New York for the Super Bowl. His private jet was searched by police and he was questioned for five hours at the Teterboro airport in New Jersey.

Sources report drug-sniffing dogs searched the plane while the singer, 19, was held at police premises in the airport, which had boosted security due to the crowds heading to the Super Bowl.

Then today an explicit photograph was released, showing the teen singer and his rapper pal Khalil both taking a nibble on a stripper’s breast, who was hired to perform during a party in Los Angeles.

Insiders said the woman, who looked old enough to be Justin’s mom, had her top pulled up to allow the boys to get up close and personal.

Justin Bieber & Khalil share some boobs

If Justin Bieber’s clean-cut image isn’t already destroyed, this should do it! See the graphic photo here.

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Images: Instagram/TMZ


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