Jimmy Kimmel & Wife Molly McNearney Expecting First Child (VIDEO)


Jimmy Kimmel having a baby!

Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly are expecting their first child together together, which will be his third child.

The 46-year-old late night host made the announcement during his appearance on Wednesday’s edition of “The Ellen DeGeneres” show.

Ellen said Jimmy had a big announcement.

Jimmy said, “I’m having a baby…wait I want to finish…with Ellen”.

The comedian then said, “It is very weird at my age to, you know – I’m going to be one of those old dads. I’m getting older. Every single day”.

Jimmy married his wife Molly McNearney, a co-head writer for his show last July.

Jimmy went on to joke about the baby making process, saying it was “disgusting”. He adds, “There are so many human body parts involved. Did you know there are eggs in us? That’s gross just to start with.”

Kimmel is already father to two children – Katie, 22, and 20-year-old Kevin by his first wife Gina with whom he split back in 2002.

The late night host joked, “So I told my daughter listen, there’s only so much love I have to give you’re gonna have to split it up with the new kid. There’s a finite amount of love and that’s that. So they’re dealing with it.”

Jimmy Kimmel on Ellen Show 2014

Jimmy joked about his baby name ideas, which are pretty funny. He said, “I like the name Karate. I think Karate Kimmel has a great ring to it. And the Kardashians with the two K’s thing. You know, it’s nice. But depending upon the sex of the baby Karate or The Riddler are the names we’re thinking of right now”.

He adds, “And the middle name is the one I’m very excited about. You know I suggest ridiculous things to my wife and every once in a while she seems like she might possibly accept it. But I’d like to know people’s thoughts on this, for real. I would like the baby’s middle name to be Effin. Now imagine if you’re middle name…think of it this way. And not the curse version of it like e-f-f-i-n. Like Ellen Effin DeGeneres. I mean, what a great name. Right? Think of every friend you have and put that in the middle. Like Andy Effin Lassner. It’s awesome. It immediately gives you self-esteem.”

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