Jimmy Fallon Reads Silly But Heartfelt Note To Jay Leno (VIDEO)


Jimmy Fallon on Tonight show with Jay Leno 2014

Jimmy Fallon paid a visit to “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” as a guest one last time before he takes over the show as the host.

Jimmy read a sweet thank you note to Jay Leno, who joked that Fallon was there “helping him pack”.

Jay Leno will be leaving “The Tonight Show” after 22 years as the host, admitting it really wasn’t his choice.

Leno said to the audience on Monday, “Jimmy Fallon is here tonight. He’s not here to talk — he’s helping me pack”.

He adds, “You know Jimmy starts as new host of Tonight Show on the 17th – and it would be strange if there was some accident and he was not able to… fulfill his duties as host”.

Jay had a little fun teasing Fallon about his Men’s Health cover, before asking Jimmy, “Are you going to take some of your bits from ‘Late Night’ to the ‘Tonight Show’?” Fallon replied, “Yes! Whatever works,” adding that “Thank You Notes” would be one of them.

“I actually wrote a few for tonight,” Fallon continued, asking permission from Leno to write some “Thank You” notes for the 63-year-old comedian. “Thank you, Jay Leno for passing the torch to me. Hopefully it doesn’t get intercepted by a Seahawk,” he said while writing on a card with the band playing a melancholy tune.

“Thank you, Jay, for teaching me how to be a late night host – but was it really necessary for me to ‘wax on, wax off’ your entire car collection? I didn’t know I was going to get Miyagi-ed when I came out here,” he continued. “Thank you, Jay, for giving me such great advice for the Tonight Show like ‘you don’t need a monologue’ and ‘have you ever thought about getting bangs?’ ”

In a more serious note, he said, “And finally, thank you Jay Leno, for carrying on the proud tradition of the Tonight show host with such humor and class and for being nothing but gracious and generous to me over the past years. I will do my best to make you proud every single night.”

Betty White was another guest on the episode.

Fallon will make his debut as the “Tonight Show” host on Monday, February 17.

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