Jimmy Fallon Brings Brian Williams’ Mad Rap Skills To Tonight Show (VIDEO)


Brian Williams & Lester Holt rap video goes viral

Jimmy Fallon brought some funny mash-ups to “The Tonight Show”, debuting a new Brian Williams and Lester Holt clip set to The Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight”.

Williams said he’s flattered by the spliced clips that show off his “gansta rap skills”.

NBC news anchor Brian Williams starred in a hilarious mash-up video along with weekend anchor Lester Holt and a surprise cameo from “Today” host Kathie Lee Gifford.

Snippets were used from their broadcasts and set to “Rapper’s Delight”.

Jimmy Fallon recently spoke with Brian Williams about the history of “rap” videos, with the journalist stating, “It’s opened up a new sub-genre of fans. People think I have something to do with it”

Fallon explained how the videos came to be and Williams explains the origin of his “steel ice look.”

Fallon, 39, has been truly “bringing it” to keep the audience and viewers entertained during his first week as host of “The Tonight Show”.

He has done well thus far, bringing in 7.4 million viewers for his second night on Tuesday, which was more than the combined total for his rivals, David Letterman on CBS and Jimmy Kimmel on ABC.

Jimmy’s first night featured a plethora of stars that appeared to pretend to pay up on their bets over Fallon getting the gig.

On Tuesday night, Kristen Wiig appeared and did a silly impersonation of Harry Styles throughout the interview.

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