Hilarious Kristen Wiig Does Interview As Harry Styles On Tonight Show (VIDEO)


Kristen Wiig impersonates Harry Styles

Kristen Wiig made an appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon, but not as herself.

Wiig did her best Harry Styles impression during the whole interview, seemingly “forgetting” he had a British accent.

Kristen, 40, was welcomed on the show as she walked out in a crazy wig as Harry Styles. The funniest part was how unprepared she seemed for the interview.

Wiig didn’t seem to know Harry was from the UK as she was winging it in the silly interview.

Jimmy Fallon said, “Your accent is different in person. I thought you’d have more of an accent. I thought you’d have more of accent because, you know, you’re not from America.”

“No?” she asked Fallon. Then they decided to name the country the One Direction star was from and Kristen clearly had no clue.

During the “Rapid Fire Round,” Fallon asked her a bunch of questions, which included Harry’s favorite food. Kristen busted out with “carnitas” (pork in Spanish), which threw Wiig and Fallon into a giggling fit.

Fallon then asked the fake Harry how the band got their big break. Wiig replied, “We were …at school… and then we began rehearsing, and then we sent a cassette tape, to RCA. They called my house”.

“How do you style your hair?” he asked her about her oversize bouffant. Kristen replied, “I have to use two hairdryers,” with Fallon adding that she “aimed them at each other like they were fighting.”

At the end of the interview, Jimmy asked her to sing the band’s biggest song, with her actually knowing one title of “Story of My Life.”

Sadly, Fallon was referencing “What Makes You Beautiful”, which he had her perform with cue cards of the lyrics.

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