“Ghostbusters” Star & Director Harold Ramis Dead At 69 (VIDEO)


Director Harold Ramis died

Harold Ramis, actor, writer, and director, has passed away at the age of 69 after a long illness.

Ramis was a very successful filmmakers in the 1980’s and 90’s with writing credits with “Animal House”, “Stripes”, “Groundhog Day”, and “Caddyshack”. He starred in the popular movie “Ghostbusters”.

The Chicago native died from complications of autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis, a rare autoimmune disease that makes blood vessels swell.

A flareup in May 2010 left Ramis unable to walk. He relearned walking, but suffered a relapse in late 2011.

Ramis died surrounded by family just before 1:00 a.m. early this morning at his home in Chicago from complications of the disease. The news of his death was confirmed by his wife Erica Mann Ramis.

Harold Ramis and Erica Mann Ramis

Harold Ramis spent most of his career behind the camera, but he shot to stardom as the nerdy Dr. Egon Spengler in the “Ghostbusters” trilogy.

Ghostbuster's star Harold Ramis (far right)

His agency released a statement on his passing, saying, “His creativity, compassion, intelligence, humor and spirit will be missed by all who knew and loved him”.

Ramis is survived by three children. His daughter Violet was born in 1977 with his first wife, Anne, and sons Julian Arthur and Daniel Hayes with his second wife, Erica Mann. He was had two grandchildren.

Actor and “Ghostbusters” co-star Bill Murray is Violet Ramis’s godfather.

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