Female Celebrities With Beauty & Brains!


Stars with beauty and brains!

You might not think of rocket scientists or brain surgeons when you think of celebrities, but a few of these on the list might surprise you!

We’re going to take a look at female stars that aren’t only talented and attractive, but also have a good head on their shoulders.

Maybe the bar isn’t set super high (intellectually) in Hollywood but a few of these ladies have college degrees and some have genius IQs.

We are pretty impressed these celebrity beauties also have brains!

Natalie Portman

“Black Swan” star Natalie Portman is a stunner and obviously a great actress. But Natalie also has a degree from the prestigious Harvard University in Psychology. She is also fluent in five languages. Pretty impressive!

Natalie Portman in colorful dress

Lily Collins

Musician Phil Collins’ actress daughter Lily Collins is very attractive (even with those huge eyebrows). She has something to fall back on if her acting career ever tanks. She has a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Southern California. Smart girl!

Lily Collins in unique dress

Lisa Kudrow

Most of us remember Lisa Kudrow for her role as Phoebe on “Friends”, singing sings like “Smelly Cat”.  But she’s no ditsy blonde! Kudrow received her Bachelors degree in biology from Vassar.  Not too shabby!

Lisa Kudrow is no dummy!

Brooke Shields

Former model and actress Brooke Shields is definitely attractive, but this beauty also has a good head on her shoulders.  Brooke graduated from Princeton with a degree in French Literature.

Brooke Shields French Lit degree

Kate Beckinsale

Stunning British actress Kate Beckinsale kicks butt on the big screen, but the sexy actress is one smart cookie.  Kate completed several years of French and Russian literature at Cambridge.  Russian is no easy language folks!

Actress Kate Beckinsale sexy pics


Singer Emeli has a degree in Medical Neuroscience but never finished the last two years of her six-year medical degree at the University of Glasgow.  Her education is very important and she wants that to fall back on if her music career ends.  Smart girl!

Emeli working on medical degree

Thandie Newton

Actress Thandie Newton, who has been seen in “Crash” and “Mission Impossible II”, graduated in 1995 with a degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Cambridge.

Thandie Newton social anthropology degree

Alicia Keys

Singer Alicia Keys has a lovely voice, but is also very smart!  Keys graduated high school at the age of 16 as the class valedictorian!  She was accepted to Columbia University, but gave it up to go with a different “Columbia”. A record deal with Columbia Records!

Singer Alicia Keys in electric blue gown

Goldie Hawn

Bubbly actress Goldie Hawn may seem like a ditsy blonde, but don’t let her acting skills fool you!  She was typecast as a giggly dumb blonde, but she actually is a member of Mensa International.  That means she has a very high IQ, in the top 1% of the population. Who knew?

Goldie Hawn member of Mensa!


Some of these surprised us.  Especially Goldie Hawn!


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