Farrah Abraham Offered $1 Million From Vivid To Take Lie Detector Test!


Will Farrah Abraham take lie detector test?

“Teen Mom” turned porn star Farrah Abraham appears to be a pathological liar, crying about her “leaked” tape she made and sold for big bucks to Vivid Entertainment. But now there’s a second tape!

Farrah has now appeared on “Couple’s Therapy” and claims she was drugged and raped. Now Vivid head honcho Steve Hirsch has offered her $1 million if she passes a lie detector test. Uh-oh!

It’s obvious Farrah is a fame-whore that is been attempting to manipulate everyone into thinking she’s this sweet, innocent young lady that was a victim of a leaked sex tape.

Abraham was called out on her lies by her sex tape partner, James Deen, who she claimed she was dating when the tape was made. Sure Farrah! He’s way too hot!

Farrah, 22, claims she’s surrounded herself with “the wrong type of people”, that led to her being “drugged and raped more than once”.

Farrah Abraham second sex tape

Vivid Entertainment, which released her XXX tape, has called the “Backdoor Teen Mom” out on her lies and wants her to submit to a polygraph test.

Vivid’s CEO Steve Hirsch said, “Farrah has seemingly made a cottage industry out of telling lies. She now says that she was drugged and raped more than once while she was promoting her first sex tape, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, last year.”

Hirsch said, “We challenge Farrah to take our sanctioned polygraph test to prove whether or not she was telling the truth. If she passes the polygraph test, we will give her $1-million”.

But if not, they want Farrah to admit to lying and give up all past royalties on both of her tapes.

Hirsch has given Abraham 48-hours to respond to his challenge, which was issued on the afternoon of Feb. 14.

Farrah Abraham is a big liar and sadly is too stupid to keep her stories straight.

Her lawyers claim that Farrah is a public figure and a mother, not a porn star. But having two porn videos under your belt definitely makes you a porn star.

Farrah is in a lose-lose situation either way. If she agrees, everyone will know she’s a liar. If she doesn’t take Hirsch up on the challenge…we’ll know she was lying.

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