Charlie Sheen’s Fiance Brett Rossi (Scottine Christen) Still Married To Someone Else!


Porn star Brett Rossi pics

Charlie Sheen shocked us all when he confirmed his engagement to former porn star Brett Rossi.

It appears their wedding will have to wait due to one little hiccup….she’s already married to someone else!

Brett Rossi is currently in the middle of divorce proceedings with her current spouse Jonathan Ross, who filed for divorce on July 18, 2013.

Ross is representing himself but Brett will be represented by Sheen’s star family law attorney, Mark Gross.

Rossi and Ross had been married for about a year and do not have any children together.

Charlie Sheen’s rep confirmed that the actor’s fiance is still legally married to someone else.

Brett Rossi and Charlie Sheen

Sheen’s rep Jeff Ballard told People, “She’s been separated from this guy for two years. It’s just a matter of the paperwork winding its way through the court system. Charlie and Scottie have no secrets. Charlie is well aware of Scottie’s situation.”

We kept wondering why Charlie always referred to Brett as “Scottie”, but now that we dug up her real name it makes sense. Brett’s birth name is Scottine Christen and we found some old modeling photos before she began adult entertainment.

Brett Rossi spends Thanksgiving with Charlie Sheen

Johnathan Ross is the one that wanted the divorce and judging from her own post on a message board…we think we know why!

Brett had written about “cam modeling” and here’s what she stated:

This is absolutely true. One of my best friends, Angela Sommers helped me get into the “cam” industry and she warned me about this ahead of time. She said, strong girls push through it and own up to it while others just quit. I have been modeling under my real name basically my entire life and when I started to cam I changed it to Brett Rossi. Well, sure enough a couple months down the road people started finding out what I was doing. My in-laws talked trash to my hubby and said I was a waste of a life, not marriage material and that he needed to “kick me to the curb”. You know what we said? GET OVER IT. This is what I do and what I love. Not saying everyone has to accept camming, porn, sex, whatever you want to call it, but they do have to see past it because its your life and what you want to do unless they don’t want to be associated with you anymore then… well…eff them. I’m one of the strong ones, i cried a little after hearing all the hurtful things, but now I’m living it up and happy. :0)

Sheen popped the question to Rossi on Saturday, February 14 after spending Valentine’s Day together.

Rossi said, “I was not expecting it at all. We had a beautiful Valentine’s Day and he proposed to me early this morning after we watched the sun rise.”

Here’s Brett during an interview for when she was stripping. She actually seems very likeable and down-to-earth.

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