Celebrity Starlets Caught Creeping: Their Shocking Affairs!


Celebrity ladies that were caught creeping

Hollywood stars may seem to have it all, but they also make mistakes that are normally made public.

Let’s check out some famous ladies that were caught running around on their man. Starlets caught creeping!

We normally think of men as the ones that are the biggest cheaters, but it takes two to tango!

We’re taking a peek at the women of Hollywood that had their infidelity exposed not only to their partner, but to the whole world!

Twi-hards were shocked and sad when they learned Kristen Stewart cheated on her boyfriend and co-star Robert Pattinson with the direction of “Snow White and the Huntsman”, which ended his marriage and Kristen and Rob’s relationship.

Kirsten Stewart caught creeping

Singer LeAnn Rimes, who was considered the little sweetheart of country music, gave us all a look at her naughty side when she cheated on her then-husband Dean Sheremet with hunky actor Eddie Cibrian.

Rimes and Eddie Cibrian were both married when they met on the set of the Lifetime movie Northern Lights. As the affair continued, LeAnn and Eddie were caught making out by paparazzi. The footage was leaked and both of their marriages came to an end. They later married one another.

LeAnn Rimes a cheater

British singer Rita Ora, who is now dating Calvin Harris, apparently cheated on her previous boyfriend Rob Kardashian. The reality star was heartbroken over their split after she allegedly cheated on him. Rob took to Twitter to announce that Ora had cheated on him with “at least 20 different people”. Fans jumped on the bandwagon and “RitaWhora” was trending that day.

Rita Ora floral dress pictures

Madonna is and has always been a little wild so it wasn’t a huge surprise she cheated during her eight year marriage to director Guy Ritchie. Madonna and Guy Ritchie divorced and A-Rod’s wife filed for divorce citing “emotional abandonment and marital misconduct”.

Madonna has new eye candy

Jennifer Lopez has apparently had several “overlapping relationships”. J-Lo was married to dancer Chris Judd when she met Ben Affleck on the set of “Gigli”. They had a steamy affair and her husband found out through the press. Ouch! Lopez and Affleck became engaged but the romance didn’t last.

Jennifer Lopez a serial cheater?

Britney Spears was the adorable girl-next-door with a cute boyfriend Justin Timberlake. They appeared madly in love, but Britney got busy with one of Justin’s choreographers. One good thing came out of the heartbreak and split…his hit song “Cry Me A River”!

Britney Spears cheated on J.T.

Cute little Meg Ryan shocked everyone when she cheated on her husband Dennis Quaid with actor Russell Crowe. The affair ended her marriage and damaged her reputation. Meg and Russell met on the set of “Proof of Life” and sparks flew. Years later, Meg claimed that Dennis had actually cheated on her first. Well then, guess that makes it totally fine.

Meg Ryan doesn't seem like a cheater

We were all surprised when Heidi Klum and Seal split after what appeared to be a happy marriage. Seal later accused his estranged wife of having an affair with her bodyguard, Martin Kristen.

Seal said, “Look, this is what happens when people move on…but I would have thought Heidi would have shown a little bit more class and would have at least waited until we separated before deciding to fornicate with the help. But I guess you all now have the answer you were looking for for the past seven months.” Ouch! But of course Heidi and Martin’s romance fizzed out at the beginning of the year.

Heidi Klum cheated on Seal?

We can’t talk about starlets that sleep around without naming our favorite bad-girl, Angelina Jolie.

Angelina starred in the movie “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” with hunk Brad Pitt in 2005. Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time, but he and Angelina fell for one another. Aniston was left brokenhearted and filed for divorce. Brad and Angelina are now engaged and raising six children together.

Angelina Jolie in sexy menswear outfit


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