Buck 22 Releases Rap Video With Billy Ray Cyrus (VIDEO)


Billy Ray Cyrus rap video

Billy Ray Cyrus’ popular 90s country song “Achy Breaky Heart” just had a rap makeover, which is as bad as you can imagine.

But, the half-naked twerking girls in the video make it bearable.

Buck 22 puts an “interesting” rap twist on the 1992 hit country song.

In the video, Billy Ray Cyrus joins the rapper, who is the song of R&B singer Dionne Warwick, for an out-of-this world party.

Scantily-clad women dance around and shake their booty.

The 52-year-old country star may be taking a little inspiration from his daughter Miley Cyrus, who has made cameos in rap videos like “23” by Mike Will Made It.

How in the world did this collaboration even happen? Buck 22 told Complex Music that he and Billy Ray worked on Dionne’s 50th anniversary album together, and the rest is history.

Buck 22 said, “I took a chance and asked if he would mind if I could take a crack at remaking ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ and he looked at me for a moment, and said ‘lots of people have tried already, but go for it’ — he didn’t have a clue that I had already gone into the lab and cooked up a demo of what I thought would be a fun EDM/Hip-Hop styled version, which at the time only had a sample from the original of his voice.”

What do you think? Billy Ray looks pretty good here though!

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