Bruce Jenner Quitting Hollywood Amidst Physical Transformation


Bruce Jenner quitting Hollywood

Bruce Jenner has made the decision to quit the reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

Jenner wants out of the reality show life and wants to keep his life more private. We think that’s wise, but is he transitioning into living as a female?

Bruce has made the decision that he won’t be returning for a twelfth season of the show if it gets picked up by E! again.

An insider said, “Bruce has a clear vision of his life as soon as the season ends – golfing, spending time with his kids, off camera, flying helicopters and riding a motorcycle.”

The recently aired second episode of the new season of the show showed Bruce and Kris telling their children that they would no longer be living together. Kris is living in their family home in Calabasas and Bruce is living at a beach house in Malibu.

There have been reports that Bruce is undergoing gender reassignment surgery, which we first laughed off as a silly report. But his new look has us wondering if it could be true?

Some sources say Jenner is having a midlife crisis and is suffering from a “Michael Jackson-like obsession” with plastic surgery.

The former Olympian recently had surgery to reduce the size of his Adam’s Apple and appears to have had hair extensions.

We look at it like it’s Bruce’s life so…to each their own!

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