Barbara Walters Makes Snarky Comment To Elizabeth Vargas (VIDEO)


Elizabeth Vargas hurt by Barbara's comments?

Many people chill out as they get older, but Barbara Walters seems to be turning into a beeyatch!

Walters took a swipe at Elizabeth Vargas during her appearance on “The View”, saying that “we all knew” about her alcoholism. Pretty cruel!

Elizabeth Vargas, a news anchor for “20/20”, went public with her battle with alcoholism last month.

She appeared on “The View” discussing trying to keep her addiction from her colleagues at ABC.

Barbara said on-air, “We all knew. I am very fond of Elizabeth and proud of her. But we knew… It was public at that point.’

Elizabeth appeared shocked and replied, “No it wasn’t”.

But Barbara said, “But we all knew”.

One eyewitness said Elizabeth Vargas “looked like she had been slapped in the face, and the atmosphere turned Polar Vortex”.

The interview came a couple of weeks after Vargas went public about her battle with alcoholism. She had taken a leave of absence in October to seek treatment and returned to “20/20” in January.

Vargas told the ladies of “The View” that after her father went to Vietnam when she was six-years-old, she began suffering from daily panic attacks that have continued into her adult life.

She began relying on glasses on wine and hid the addiction from her colleagues. Her husband, Grammy Award-winning singer Marc Cohn, was the only one who knew about her struggles.

He confronted her and she became angry but realized he was right.

She said it hit her like a ton of bricks when she arrived to film a “20/20” segment and realized that she was too drunk to do it.

She adds, “I know how to sit through the anxiety – that doesn’t mean I don’t feel it. But it’s amazing now that I’m not drinking that the anxiety’s much less and I know that I have people I can call, people who love me. I know I can reach out to them and that I can get through it.”

Good for her and that takes lots of courage to talk about. Anyone else ready for Barbara Walters to retire already?

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