Wowza! Jane Seymour Shows Off Incredible Figure At 62!


Jane Seymour on Closer magazine cover

Jane Seymour, 62, could pass for a woman half her age! She strikes a pose in a pink bikini on the cover of Closer Weekly.

The British-born actress, who has four children from two of her four marriages, has an amazing body for a woman of any age!

Seymour told the publication, “God, I’m in better shape now in some ways than I was when I was doing the [1973] Bond film [Live and Let Die] .”

Jane doesn’t diet and attributes her toned 5ft 3in 115 lb. body to gym sessions three times a week, tennis, golf, and swimming. She also enjoys power walking and does push-ups.

The actress said, “I just want to be as healthy as I can be for as long as I can. No diets here. I hate to deny myself things. If I have pasta, I’ll just eat half of it.”

Many women would argue she has probably had work done, but Seymour spoke candidly about surgery.

She previously admitted to getting breast implants following the birth off her twin boys in 1995, a “minor” eye-lift, and tried out Botox injections.

Jane Seymour admits, “I tried [Botox] and hated it. I’d never do it again. For me it doesn’t work because I’m an actor and I need to be able to move every part of my face. I think I’m being hired a lot because I haven’t done all the stuff everyone else is doing.”

She tries to remain youthful naturally these days, saying, “I always wear a hat when I’m out in the sun. I drink a lot of water, and my skin is at its best when I’ve had sleep.”

Seymour first became famous in 1973 as Tarot-reading Bond girl Solitaire in “Live And Let Die”. She made a comeback on the big screen in 2005 when she appeared in the comedy “Wedding Crashers”.

In the movie she played a cougar, who was trying to get her paws on actor Owen Wilson.

Jane turns 63 next month and has no problem with aging. She said her sixties is “pure joy”. She adds, “The best thing . . . is being alive and healthy!”

The actress, known most for her role on “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”, separated from her director husband of 20 years, James Keach, last April.

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