Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore The “Chuck Norris Of Meteorologists” (VIDEO)


Don't mess with Jim Cantore

The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore became a viral sensation this week when he made it rain down some justice for a college kid that jumped into his broadcast.

The young man ran towards Cantore squealing as Cantore gave him a quick knee to the nuts! Check out what the weather guy really has to deal with!

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel did a faux “remote interview” with Jim Cantore who took out several camera-crashers in the segment.

Cantore didn’t blink an eye as he handled the annoying camerahogs that tried to act silly during his weather report.

Jim showed off his sense of humor in the video segment, saying, “Every now and then, someone does something silly”, as he elbows a guy.

Jim Cantore on Jimmy Kimmel video

He continues, “But I’m just so focused and do so many of these reports, I really don’t even remember.”

Kimmel asked Cantore if he ever takes bodyguards on the road for his reports, but he laughed, replying, “Just me, an audio guy and my camera guy”.

He then took on two more assailants as he said, “They’re pretty peaceful too, so there’s nothing much they can do.”

Don’t mess with this weatherman!

Images: Jimmy Kimmel


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