Uh-Oh Police Discover Weed-Filled Cookie Jars During Justin Bieber’s Raid!


Justin Bieber had bongs and weed in home

Justin Bieber is completely ruining his former squeaky-clean reputation, with new reports claiming the pop star is drinking sizzurp and had cookie jars filled with marijuana in his home.

Police reported found drugs and drug paraphernalia during the raid of Justin’s Calabasas Mansion last week.

Justin’s live-in friend Lil Za was busted for drug possession, reportedly Molly aka Ecstasy, which was first reported as cocaine.

Bieber had a weed smoking room in his home and “two large cookie jars filled with weed in plain view”. The singer also had three bongs and Swisher Sweets cigars, used for making blunts.

Police were unable to seize any of those items at that time because it “exceeded their search warrant”.

The search was mainly to investigate the egg-throwing incident that left Justin’s neighbor with $20,000 in damage to his home.

Justin Bieber hasn’t been charged with any crimes yet. But authorities could ask the judge to extend the search warrant if they desired.

Bieber is being urged to check into rehab after months of questionable behavior.

An insider said, “People around Justin want the best for him and hope that at some point he’ll recognize the need for some help.”

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