“Teen Mom 2” Star Leah Messer’s Daughter Aliannah Has Muscular Dystrophy


Leah Messer's daughter's diagnosis

Fans of MTV’s “Teen Mom” followed Leah Messer’s struggles with the delayed development of one of her twin girls, Aliannah since birth.

Leah has now revealed that Aliannah is suffering from a rare form of muscular dystrophy and will likely end up in a wheelchair.

The “Teen Mom 2 star” recently learned of her four-year-old daughter’s diagnosis after years of testing. Aliannah’s form of MD is rare and incurable.

Leah, 21, opened up about her daughter’s illness for the first time since she was given the sad news.

Messer told In Touch, “We never gave up, and we never will. We’ll do everything we can to make sure Ali has the life that she needs. We were scared because we didn’t know what her future was going to look like, but we always pushed for answers.”

Aliannah’s diagnosis will be shown on season five of “Teen Mom 2”.

Leah has come to terms that Ali w ill face a lifetime of challenges as the disease progresses.

She stated, “The disorder affects her respiratory system and progresses the older she gets. The bigger she gets and the more weight she gains, the harder it’ll be for her muscles to carry the weight. Ali is still able to walk now but eventually she will be confined to a wheelchair”.

Leah Messer's daughter Ali

Leah and her second husband Jeremy Calvert, who tied the knot in 2012, plan to move into a new house with wheelchair access.

A preview for the new season shows Jeremy and Leah having a fight, with the 24-year-old pipeline engineer threatening to divorce her.

Leah said of the argument, “This is his first marriage. He’s still learning you can’t throw that word around. We both know we’d never get a divorce. Both of us are too happy.”

Viewers have followed Leah’s trials and tribulations since the MTV reality show debuted in 2011. Leah was pregnant at the time and a high school senior, and soon welcomed twin daughters, Aliannah and Aleeah.

Her marriage to the girls’ father, Corey Simms, didn’t work out and they filed for divorce just six months after getting married.

Corey Simms and Leah Messer

Messer said her daughter Ali’s diagnosis has only strengthened her bond with her ex, Corey.

She revealed, “Ali’s condition has brought us all extremely close together. We have to stay strong for Ali, and things are going good”.

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