Taylor Swift Thought She Won & Did Crazy Awkward Dance Moves (VIDEOS)


Taylor Swift thought she won Album of Year

If you tuned in to last night’s Grammy Awards, you probably noticed Taylor Swift’s facial expression change when she thought she won Album of the Year.

Swifty had her best “oh my gosh, can’t believe I won” expression going, but quickly realized it was the other “R” album name that won.

Taylor was listening to Alicia Keys and Yoko Ono read out the nominees for Album of the Year, first thinking the winner was RRRed by Taylor Swift but a moment later figuring out it was RRR for Random Access Memories by Dafter Punk.

We can totally understand the confusion because we thought she had won at first too. The record executive next to her also apparently thought the award went to Swift.

Taylor Swift handled it like a pro and began clapping and giving a standing ovation for Daft Punk.

Taylor did some rather strange head-banging moves while seated at the piano when she performed. It was a bit cringe-worthy to us.

But that wasn’t all the dancing for the singer. Taylor busted out her best “gansta” moves when Imagine Dragons and rapper Kendrick Lamar performed.

We were a bit embarrassed for Taylor when she thugged out during their set. She was clearly enjoying herself!

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