“Pawn Stars” Chumlee Lost A Whopping 75 Pounds!


Wow! Chumlee lost lots of weight!

Reality star Austin “Chumlee” Russell has lost 75 lbs thanks to his chef girlfriend, Tany Hyjazi.

The 31-year-old, who is known for his funny antics on the hit series “Pawn Stars”, showed off the results of his amazing weight loss during his vacation in Hawaii.

Chumlee and Tany Hyjazi started dating last year and he has been losing weight ever since.

He debuted his slimmer physique on the beach in Hawaii in vacation snaps as he celebrated New Year’s with Tany.

The reality star is shown in board shorts and a t-shirt during his getaway.

Chumlee on vacation in Hawaii

Russell revealed to the Review Journal that he has sworn off junk food and now sticks to a well-balanced diet. He now starts each day with a “juice smoothie”.

He now also works out six days a week.

His girlfriend Tany has cheered him on to lose weight, but Chumlee was also concerned about his heatlh.

He said, “My dad died from pancreatic cancer at 54, two weeks before the show aired. I’m making sure I’m eating my vegetables and staying away from the red meat.”

His fellow “Pawn Star” co-star, Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, was also worried about his extra weight and its impact on his health. “Big Hoss” had lap-Band surgery and lost over 100 pounds in just five months.

“Pawn Stars”, which has been on the air since 2009 and chronicles the daily business of the “World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop”.

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