Pals Urge Justin Bieber To Go To Rehab: Sipping Sizzurp?


Justin Bieber performing in Perth

Does Justin Bieber have a drug problem?

The heartthrob recently had his house raided and his good pal Lil Za was arrested for drug possession, but insiders reveal the “All That Matters” singer is engaging in dangerous behavior with drugs!

Justin Bieber, 20, has himself a dirty little codeine habit that has people around him worried sick.

There are several different sources that all claim Justin Bieber has been sipping on “sizzurp”, also called “lean” that is a mix of codeine and promethazine.

The singer has also reportedly been taking “lots of prescription pills” and consuming “lots of alcohol and weed.”

There are reports that Justin enjoys the sizzurp, specifically Actavis prometh with codeine, which is the best you can get.

The purple drank is sold on the street for around $800 a pint and sold buy prescription or outside of the United States.

An insider reveals Justin gets his sizzurp from outside the United States. Perhaps a connection in his native Canada?

The source said Bieber has been known to consume 8 and 12 ounces a day.

Justin Bieber sipping on sizzurp?

In fact, the singer has a skate ramp in his backyard that he tagged with the words “double cup,” with a styrofoam cup next to it. Double cup is code for lean mixed with double the amount of codeine.

The drug is known to sometimes trigger seizures, “or worse.”

Justin Bieber’s team is worried about the singer and feel the sizzurp is making him behave erratically, engaging in strange behavior…such as egging his neighbor’s home.

We all know Lil Wayne aka Weezy has had serious health problems after enjoying sizzurp. Hopefully Justin will seek help before his problems are out of control!

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