Mork And Mindy Reunion!: Pam Dawber & Robin Williams To Reunite!


Pam Dawber & Robin Williams pics

Most of us loved watching the 1980s sitcom “Mork and Mindy”, which starred Robin Williams as an alien alongside actress Pam Dawber.

Fans will be thrilled to hear the duo will be starring on television together again in his CBS comedy show “The Crazy Ones”.

The 62-year-old actor portrayed Mork, an alien from the planet Ork in the hit show from 1978 to 1982, starred with Pam’s earthling character Mindy McConnell.

Now Williams has taken to Twitter to confirm they will be working together again.

Robin Williams tweeted, “The secret is out! Can’t wait to work with her again @CrazyOnesCBS #pamdawber (sic)”

Robin also took to Instagram to post a picture of the pair as Mork and Mindy, writing, “She’s baaaaack! Coming soon to thecrazyonescbs #pamdawber #tbt (sic)”

Robin Williams confirms role with Pam Dawber

Pam Dawber’s role in “The Crazy Ones” will have her play the role of a travel writer name Lily, who meets Robin’s character Simon Roberts at a book signing and falls for him.

Fans flocked to Robin’s Instagram account to express their excitement on the upcoming small screen reunion.

One wrote, “Ahhhh seeing this on my newsfeed made me so happy haha Mork & Mindy is my favorite show I watch it aaaaaaall the time! (sic)”

Another fan referenced Mork’s saying Shazbot Na-Nu Na-Nu, tweeting, “Nanoo nanoo. Wow, after all these years you both look real good! (sic)”

Robin has gone on to star in a host of movies and TV shows, while Pam’s last major role was the 1999 movie “Don’t Look Behind You”.

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