Kate Gosselin Drags Teen Daughters On “Today” Show: See Awkward Interview (VIDEO)


Kate Gosselin's daughter's Today show

Kate Gosselin brought her twin teenage daughters, Mady and Cara, onto the “Today” show to talk about how awesome their lives are with their overbearing mother.

The twins were either having stage-fright or letting their puppet-master mom do the talking, but the interview was cringe-worthy to watch!

Mady and Cara recently gave an interview to People magazine where they denied reports they had been “damaged” by the family reality show and described themselves as “better than ever”.

But Kate Gosselin’s twins Mady and Cara pretty much refused to speak during their live interview on the “Today Show” on Thursday.

Host Savannah Guthrie asked them how they were doing, but the 13-year-old girls just looked at one another awkwardly as Kate Gosselin tried to prod them to reply.

Kate demanded, “It’s your chance… spit it out. This is their chance and this is the most wordless I’ve heard them all morning”.

Kate Gosselin tells daughters "spit it out"

The twins, whose father is Jon Gosselin, were clearly annoying their mother with their silence. It made you feel sorry for them to be put in that awkward position.

The appearance comes just a day after the girls’ father, Jon, claimed that Kate exerts such rigid control over the family that they “can’t breathe the wrong way without upsetting her!”

Maybe Jon’s right? If you were a fan of “Kate Plus 8”, most of us saw how controlling she was and wondered how Jon put up with her.

Samantha Guthrie seemed to feel for the teens, asking Kate, “To have [the girls] come out here, do a big article and come to national TV and put them on the spot like that, does that help or does that continued exposure continue the injury to them?”

Kate responded, “I mean, there is no injury to begin with. Any TV things that we do, I can’t get them to do at this age, 13, anything that they don’t want to do, as with any parent. It’s not like I forced them to do it. It was like, ‘Hey, the TODAY show with People magazine asked to us do it, how do you feel about it?’ as [I do] with my 9-year-olds.

“It’s a family decision. It’s really frustrating when there’s so much out there that’s not true. I’m getting to the point that I’m extremely frustrated. I don’t spend time worrying about it because I’m busy raising my kids and we know they’re here, even though they’re tongue tied this morning to say we’re OK, we’re doing well. Would that be accurate to say?”

The girls agreed, saying they would like to do another show in the future.

After the cringeworthy appearance, Kate tweeted, “Thanks to @TODAYshow for having Cara, Mady and me on the show today! 1st live interview can render even the gabbiest girls speechless :)”

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