Justin Bieber Toxicology Report Tests Positive For Weed & Xanax


Justin Bieber Arrives At Toronto 52 Division Police Station

Justin Bieber tested positive for marijuana and prescription drugs, following his arrest in Miami last week.

Bieber’s urine was tested right after his DUI arrest, showing THC and Alprazolam (Xanax) in his system.

Justin tested negative for other drugs such as cocaine, opiates, etc.

The report is consistent with the police report that revealed Justin Bieber told them his mom Pattie had given him prescription pills (Xanax).

The singer had admitted to police that he’d been smoking weed all day in the recording studio.

The pop star has been making headlines recently, but it’s not the sort of attention anyone would want.

He is now facing criminal charges in his native Canada after he was charged with assaulting a limo driver in Canada last night.

Bieber’s father, Jeremy Bieber, appears to have not a care in the world with all the drama surrounding his son.

Jeremy posted a photo this morning of the 19-year-old snuggled up in bed with his four-year-old brother Jaxon, with the caption “safe and sound”.

Justin Bieber asleep in bed with Jaxon

In the latest allegations, reports state that Justin and five of his entourage assaulted a limousine driver on December 30 after they were picked up from a nightclub.

Toronto police released a statement saying the limo driver and an unnamed passenger had an altercation during which he was hit on the back of the head “several times”.

There have been reports that it wasn’t actually Justin that hit the driver, but this time he is apparently taking the fall.

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